Steps and procedures required for Canadian immigration

Canadian immigration has developed a smart and attractive PR plan, round about 30,000 immigrants will get Canadian immigration by 2019, and this year has been started as a very positive and optimistic perspective for the people who want a Canadian green card. This is an estimate that Canadian Immigration Authority will let around 1 million people to get migrated to Canada by 2021.

The most authentic invitation which is highly secured by the Canadian government is called Express Entry program, through which approximately 3900 applicants have been surely invited for Canadian immigration. This can be a really good time for the people who are interested in leaving for Canada permanently to file their application in the express entry system.

If you are known to the process on how to get permanent residency this can be easier for you to find an easy plan to execute.

Express Entry is set to be the most fast tracking immigration procedure for Canadian immigration, if you are skilled and have professional abilities, you are highly welcomed to get a permanent residency to Canada.

Express entry is working since 2015 and has come over the old paper work which had a rule of first come first serve basis, this system is electronic system and is merit dependent and progression takes 6 months. This system is called as point based system which is called as CRS. This point calculator is based on multiple features.

The one who scores high in CRS is invited at first hand and is suggested to apply for permanent residency right away. This whole process is stimulated by the help of Canadian Federal Government, Canadian Provisional Government and Canadian Employer.


This involves three basic and main phases while applying for a PR:

Pre- Request Application
Pre request application involves three main steps which should be done at first.

Language Testing
If you are moving to any other country, language is the most necessary thing one must have capability of. IELTS is the most recommended language test when you are applying for PR Canada. The requirement of IELTS score in express entry CRS is very high. The requirement of IELTS score is 8 in listening, and each 7 in writing, reading and speaking, when you are able to score this average number of points your chances of getting high CRS will increase.

ECA (Educational credential Assessment)
ECAis a report that confirms that your educational certificates/degrees are able to match and meet Canadian educational standard. Get your ECA report if your educational documents are not from Canada.

Eligibility Criteria
This is must to check your eligibility that are you capable enough to apply for PR. You can check your eligibility by logging into

One must score an average of 67 points to meet an eligibility criterion that is required for processing. Now the question is how can you get to know the eligibility criteria? Well, the system will ask you some certain questions to check it. These can be questions such as:

  • Age
  • Educational Degrees
  • Working Experience
  • Canadian Job offer
  • Adaptableness

Lately you have to fill the form and if you are eligible the system will indicate to by giving a reference code. Save that number as you will need it at the time of application acquiescence.

Submit Application
Visit the website and sign up or sign in your account to apply for Canadian immigration and PR.

You must read the application form thoroughly and carefully, follow the instructions as mentioned, once you have filled the form the system will ask you to fill information regarding

  • Passport details
  • ECA report results
  • Work experience
  • Language scoring
  • National occupational classification job title and code.

At this phase you are not required to upload any scan copy or photos of any document, but you have to make sure that information you provide is true and correct. Documents will be submitted once you will receive an invitation to apply. After profile detail submission is done you will be provided by a score of CRS. If you are qualified for the PR you will be requested to sign in to your account and upload the documents,

Your profile will be active and will be well thought-out for a time period of one year. If you do not receive any notification regarding invitation within the stipulated time period of one year you have to re submit your profile details once again.

Afterreceiving invitation you have to submit your profile within 2 months, the procedure will take time of least 6 months. You need to provide biometric information with your relevant application. You have to fill the required fields of online application form.

Post Submission of Application
The concerned departments will check your eligibility and will see whether you meet all the requirements or not. This whole post submission process is usually completed in 6 months. After this, if the department finds you correct you will get passport request (PPR) within the stipulated time (6 months). In the duration, the Canadian immigration authorities will contact you through your online account.

You will receive information such as application submission confirmation receipts, biometric verification request, request for any other document if required, interview notice.

After all the procedure completion you will get notified to a change in your online status, it will declare you as approved with your details, and will send you a passport request letter (PPR) containing your details.


If you have provided any false information in your profile you will get caught, this will result in your cancellation of Canadian immigration request and you will be banned to re-apply for the next five years.

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